Thursday, July 15, 2010

"When seen through spiritual eyes, a healed heart and transformed life are far more spectacular than a straightened hand or restored sight...As dedicated believers, we are on a grand adventure that bristles with power and excitement." -Bill Bright

I feel that this quote embodies my entire trip. This is why I am here. I have felt so hopeless at times in the past month, felt like giving it all up. More than once I have thrown up my hands and said that I am done, I'm going home. But I'm still here. Why? Because I am holding onto the handhold in this towering mountain I am climbing that God placed before me in February when He told me to come here. I am holding and waiting patiently (or working towards patience) for God to carve out another handhold for me to move forward in my climb. I see a heart being healed and a life being transformed before my eyes and it is truly the most spectacular thing I have ever witnessed. I wouldn't walk away from this for the world. The hardships and trials that I am experiencing here are part of what makes my adventure "bristle" as much as it does. I have gone to other countries at God's beckoning and seen miracles of physical healings, but nothing can compare to the miracle of a life being transformed daily in front of my very eyes....THIS is why I do what I do, this is the essence of my decision, this is why I am here.

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