Friday, July 30, 2010

I haven't updated my blog in quite a while....I just haven't been at all motivated to do it. And really I'm not right now either, but I'm going to do it anyways.
I just got home from spending a really fun night with the family at the Kilmarnock Carnival which is in town for the week. It was myself, Van, Patty, Scott, Christine, Levi, Elijah and Melanie. I babysat for a while and took the kids around to do rides and games. Levi won me a dalmation puppy, Elijah won me a horse (which he named lightning) and Melanie won me a necklace. It was a really nice night out and awesome to spend some time with the family. I saw a bunch f kids from the club there too. And speaking of the Club, things have been gettig a lot better there. I dont come home every day wanting to punch somebody! (thank goodness) and I'm actually starting to feel like I am making a positive difference in some of their lives.
I've done a lot over the past few weeks. Went canoeing with Zach (tons of fun), went to church at his old church (New Life with Pastor Richard), watched some crazy lightning/thunder storms with Elijah, went on a hike to the beach with Zach, took the kids to a baseball game in Richmond, began teaching some of them how to play tennis, went out to lunch with Zach, went out on a special dinner date with dad, and...probably a bunch more that I am forgetting. Things are really looking up with Zach and I...I've been seeing a lot of progress in myself and in our relationship as a whole, and it's quite exciting...although very painful and frustrating at times. really tired and just wanted to make a quick update...nothing inspirational this time!

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