Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Went to an amusement park here in Williamsburg yesterday called Busch Gardens. It's a pretty cool place, but the best part was getting to meet up with Carter Moore and Nicole Rodriguez, two of my friends from GE. I met Nicole in 2006 in Costa Rica and then saw her again on the trip in 2007 to Peru where I met Carter and Zach. It was so nice getting to see them again and meeting their friends!
Today I went into town and spoke with representatives at the Boys and Girls Club as well as at the local YMCA where I am applying for volunteer positions working with children. I'm gonna take those apps in and will update as soon as I get a response from either place :)
The woman at the Boys and Girls Club just moved here from California in January. She is from Mission Viejo and her son lives in Fresno so that was interesting! She was very pleasant and that gave me an immediate connection to her. In addition to that, Scott and Zach did a huge amount of renovation for them when the club was first opening and are very close with the two head guys there, AND one of Christine's closest friends is the bus driver for the club. I'm thinkin this might be the place for me, but we'll see :) And I'm not worried about income or anything like that because that side job watching the dog is most likely going to come through and I will be getting paid for that :)
Working on finding my purpose in this mess we call life,

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