Monday, June 21, 2010

June 18th. Etched in my mind. Hopefully a turning point in the life of my best friend. Some crazy stuff is going on here, God dropped me right in the middle of some amazing ministry that is happening in this home. Van, a man who has been a very close friend to their family for a long time and runs a very unique (in my opinion) ministry came on Friday with his daughter Patty to pray for Zach. He was in immense pain and there was a lot of spiritual warfare going on. They came here and prayed for him and Van drove out everything that has been tormenting Zach. The feeling in the room was incredible and the knowledge of God's power undeniable. I realize that change is going to take a lot of work on his part and a lot of commitment, but I see a difference already as he is beginning to again resemble the man that God brought into my life three years ago. I am so looking forward to being a part of everything God is going to be doing in Zach's life....keep checking in, I guarantee it's going to be exciting.

On another note, I've had an offer to work two days a week for a woman babysitting her Shitzu with abandonment issues (which I find extremely amusing) and helping her around the house. I'm praying about possibly doing that. There's also a possibility of me getting involved in helping at one of the local horse ranches with lessons or even coaching something at the Y. I am prayerfully considering all of it, as well as getting in touch with a local pastor in hope of involving myself in some kind of ministry or outreach.

Until next time... :)

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